Lost Ark Ghost Ship Guide

TLDR: Failing a Ghost Ship uses your clear attempt for the week. You can only enter a Ghost Ship once a week. You can only enter a Ghost Ship whose level is at or below your item level. While on Ghost Ships, you will be afflicted with a massive fucking debuff to your movement and attack speed, but this debuff can be removed by using the ship Eiberns Wound with the Crew Member Berald. Without this, you will likely be killed by an instagib mechanic. The three ghost ships are available at 460, 960, and 1370.

Getting Eiberns Wound

  1. Complete Bleak Night Fog at Least Once

The Eiberns Wound ship is a reward for completing all tiers of the daily quest “Bleak Nights Fog”.

In order to complete Bleak Night Fog, you need to do the following:

  1. Accept the Daily Quest
  2. Use the item the daily quest gives you with F5
  3. Enter a Ghost Ship and defeat a Ghost Ship Captain of any tier. For safest results, targeting the 460 Ship for this is suggested.

2. Complete Bleak Night Fog 11 More Times and get Eiberns Wound

Once you have completed Bleak Night Fog once, you can complete it with Una’s Task Instant Tickets.

The quest requires a total of 12 completions to unlock Eiberns Wound. If you don’t use instant completion tickets, this means it will take you 12 weeks, assuming you clear the ghost ship each week.

It is advised you do not do that.

3. Getting Berald

Berald is an Eibern’s Wound Exclusive Crew Member, and cannot be used on any ship other than Eibern’s Wound. He comes in 3 rarities. The lowest rarity will completely cancel out the debuff. The higher rarities are better value for the coins you will spend on them, and buying them instead is heavily suggested.

The locations to buy Berald are as follows:

RelicExchange – Tideshelf Path – Spearfish Hunting Guild Vessel80,000 Pirate Coins OR
8016 Sun Coins
LegendaryExchange – Nameless Valley – Plumpcrab Fishing Vessel
Stronghold – Trade Merchant
Stronghold – Gador
4000 Pirate Coins OR
7870 Raid Seals
Epic Exchange – Starlight Island – Favreau2004 Septrums Coins

Costs pulled from Lost Ark Sailor Setup List

Clearing the Ghost Ship

The fight on the Ghost Ship consists of two parts. First, there is a large amount of Trash to be cleared. This portion of the fight presents no issues, even with the debuff.

The second is a fight against the captain of the Ghost Ship. This part is hard.


  2. The Captain of the Ghost ship has an attack in which he will spawn circles on the floor. These circles will do heavy damage, and knock-up. Because of the knock-up, if you get caught by a circle, it is possible you be chain stunned and die.
  3. The Captain of the Ghost Ship will enter the center of the ship, then attack with a rotating laser. It does a massive amount of damage, and if it hits you, and you are not shielded, you will likely die. If you die to the rotating laser, wait until the attack pattern is finished before you res, or you risk dying multiple times to the same attack.
  4. You can drink non % based potions during this fight. Chug those motherfuckers like an insecure freshman on pledge week.


Screw this fight, and screw the lasers, who the fuck puts an instagib mechanic in a 30 person, once per week or you’re fucked raid.

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D6 – Max Level, 1 Fight, No DLC Guide

I keep seeing a bunch of references to farming in D6, with every single guide mentioning the Prinny trick, getting max, but no single guide that actually explains the full strategy. So here’s my writeup, with exact steps and details on what I have done, and the results. This guide does NOT use any DLC to get this outcome. No Valvatorez or Pleinair required.

Rakshasa Unlocked
3000 Cap In Cheat Shop
Capped Squads


1x Killer – Level Whatever

This slot is more or less whatever you want it to be. In my case, I used Bieko with capped Omega Wind, and had every other booster equipping “Kill With Wind.” You could probably make a more efficient version of this setup, that doesn’t require that. The only important thing about your “Killer” is that they can kill every single mob on Peaceful World – Bell of Blessing – Rakshasa without dying, and that they have a 900 Statistician equipped.

9x Boosters – Level 1 – Any Class/Unit

One of these is the unit you’re power leveling.

World is Mine
Genius Studier
Happy Song
Overlord Training

Items: Each character had a 900 Statistician

90x – Fodder – Level 1 – Prinny God Capped with any one job, for EXP Bonus From D-Merits

Recycle Spirit
Focus Bomb

Items: Doesn’t Matter

D.I. Target Myself -> Wait Until Other Units Have Acted -> Nearest Unit -> Lift -> Nearest Unit -> Throw
Put this on every single one of these Prinnies.

Setup and Execution

Setup – You only have to do this stuff once.

  1. In Cheat Shop, set Enemy Strength to 20
  2. In Cheat Shop, set Back to Square One to ON
  3. In Cheat Shop, set EXP to 3000%.
  4. In your auto-battle group, set up your units to be in the following order. PRINNIES -> BOOSTERS -> KILLER
  5. Add the Unit You’re Power Leveling to the Boot Camp Squad

Execution – Do this each loop.

1. Dark Assembly Bills – (Any unit can pass these)
Give Me Triple EXP!
Praise My Performance
Throw a Welcome Party

2. With the unit you’re power leveling, pass Hog All Exp!
3. Go to Peaceful World – Bell of Blessing – Rakshasa
4. Press Autocombat, and watch Prinnies go boom for a bit.
5. Bring out your boosters, and killer.
6. Clear the map. Optional
7. Repeat until you lose your mind and get tired of trying to farm Karma when you can only get 124 Million a Loop.

Additional Notes and Tips

  1. You can fill the Dark Assembly squad with the Prinnies you’ve created. Once your Dark Assembly is capped, this mean every bill will pass without bribes or fights effectively every time.
  2. This is by no means “Optimized.” I’ve spent the last few days trying to get this to work, and every source of information either left parts out, or was a 16 minute YouTube video that claimed you needed DLC, or didn’t include all info.
  3. I get about 9QD per run with my setup. If you’re getting less then that, here are a few things to check. I’m going to be honest, I do not understand how EXP addon stacking works at all in D6. Example: You can’t stack more then 1 Statistican per character, but you apparently can stack Happy Song.
    1. Stick as many EXP boosting Evilities as you can on the character you’re powerleveling.
    2. Confirm everyone has an item with a Statistican
    3. Stuff even more EXP boost Evilities onto your booster characters.
    4. Make sure you’ve capped your cheat shop
    5. Make sure none of your Prinnies ended up above level 10 somehow.

I mostly wrote this because of how incomplete or just inaccurate the other guides were.