2021 Wrap Up, and Future Plans for Gametrodon

Survived another year of the apocalypse. How did it go?

I did one of these posts last year, and I guess I’ll do one again this year. This is where we look at where Gametrodon is, and what was accomplished, and try to figure out what we want to do next year. Though, brief spoiler warning, I’m writing this at the start of December, so this may be inaccurate by the time you read it. I kind of doubt it though.

A brief scan of my logs shows that just over 60 posts went up this year. Diving into that a little deeper, it seems like 42 of those were their own, full individual writeups on games. Also, I missed six weeks of the year where nothing went up on the blog that week. In addition, several of the posts that went up were by folks other then me, so I’d like to give a shoutout and thank you to everyone who wrote for the blog.

So. How are we doing? How am I doing? Did we meet goals from last year? Let’s review those goals. As far as I can tell, they were something like the following:

Switch over to writing articles primarily about stuff I like.
Stop writing as much about stuff I played and dropped/didn’t finish or like.
Do weekly writeups on the sorts of stuff me and my friends were playing.
Add a random good game button to the blog to improve discoverability.

Looking at it like that, I’d say we’re at about a 75% on those. The random game button works! There are a lot fewer “Didn’t Make the Cut” articles. Most of what I wrote is either about a thing I enjoyed or a thing I recommended, even if it had some flaws. With that said, I absolutely did not follow through on doing weekly/semi-weekly “What We’re Playing” posts. Also, I feel like the random game button isn’t quite the right solution for discoverability, even if I did meet my stated goal.

With that all said, there’s an elephant in my room I’d like to talk about briefly. And that elephant is readership. I would like more people to read/see my stuff, but I also don’t want to end up getting those eyeballs by doing scummy/clickbait sorts of stuff that drives me nuts when other people do it.

So in order to do this, there’s one big thing I’m gonna try to do this coming year: every Wednesday, if you come to the blog, there will be a new post up. It might earlier in the day, it might be later, but it will be up and readable on Wednesday. My goal will be for these posts to primarily be about games I’ve been playing, or interviews/investigations. But if you show up on Wednesday, there’ll be something interesting here for you.

So yeah. That’s gonna be the goal for the year. To the me of the future, did you succeed? Let me know. It’ll be cool to see.